Behind the Scenes

Not much is said about the underthings in a wardrobe, but those things can make or break an outfit. Their importance is understated, especially in the fashion blogging world. There are a few specific items that a woman needs in her underwear drawer to help prevent unwanted displays, and I've laid them out below. 

Strapless Bra - This one is pretty obvious, and most people have one in their closet. And there's a reason for that. A strapless bra can be worn with strapless items, spaghetti strap items, one shoulder, you name it. It is such a versatile piece that is a must for every woman.

Backless Bra - Now this isn't only if you own backless things. A backless bra works just as well as a strapless bra, and it doesn't slide down. Most backless bras stick on, so the downside is that over time the adhesive stops working so well. The bra should state how many wears you can get out of it. 

Nude T-shirt Bra - I own about 5 nude t-shirt bras and should probably own more. They go with almost everything you can think of and are so seamless. While a t-shirt bra or full coverage bra isn't sexy, it is a necessity in every wardrobe. It prevents weird bumps and the embarrassment of a hot pink bra showing through your shirt.

Tiny Socks - These are perfect for wearing in winter with low cut booties or even boat shoes. An outfit can look so much more streamlined when you don't have a peek of sock popping out.

Seamless Underwear - No one wants visible panty lines (or VPL), and no one wants to see VPL. You could go with a thong if you're comfortable, or just seamless underwear. This is the most critical item if you're wearing a tight or thin skirt/pants/dress/etc. 

Shapewear - unless you have a stomach like JLo or Beyonce, you most likely need some spanx

Bonus items you need: A multi-way bra, undies for that time of the month (hellooo black cotton granny panties), fun fuzzy socks, the matching set (for those date nights), a sports bra, a plunge bra, and tights. What other things do you guys find essential in your underwear drawer?

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