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How to Wear a Denim Shirt

With neutral or colored pants:

You can go with almost any color pant here - and neutrals would be khakis, grey, black, white. I paired mine with grey jeans and white flats, and then added a pop of color with my bag. Denim I would consider a neutral, so pairing it with a natural slate is a no-brainer.

Shirt / Madewell (similar here and here)

Pants / Paige

Shoes / Madewell (similar here)

Purse / Fossil (similar here)

Denim on denim:

This is a big trend lately, and the key to wearing denim on denim and not looking like a mother from the 90's is to contrast the shades. I paired my light shirt with dark wash jeans. By adding heels and a brown satchel, it elevated the chic factor and made it look intentional.

Shirt / Madewell (similar here and here)

Pants / Paige (similar here)

Shoes / Trouvé (similar here)

Purse / Dooney and Bourke (similar here)

With a skirt:

This follows the same rule as colored pants - because denim would be considered a neutral here, almost any skirt could work. Something to watch though is the shape and style of your shirt and skirt. I had a fitted denim button-up with brass buttons, so I wore a flowy floral skirt to soften the look.

Shirt / H&M (similar here)

Skirt / Mango

Shoes / Steve Madden (similar here and here)


Some options for a denim shirt are below:

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