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My Favorite Products Part 1: Make-Up

My Favorite Products Part 1: Make-Up

I recently have been finding some great new makeup products that I wanted to share today. I highlighted a few below.

1. Smashbox Eyebrow Pencil

Fierce eyebrows have been in for a while now, but I just picked up this eyebrow pencil. I have really blonde lashes and eyebrows, so they're pretty much unnoticeable (ignore how bushy they look in the below photo...). The color I used is light enough to not look silly, but still gives my brows definition and shape. This specific pencil is long lasting and easy to apply. Buy it here.

2. Ulta Eyeshadow Crayon

This is honestly the easiest way to apply eyeshadow EVER. You don't get powder on your eyes, the applicator doesn't fall apart, and it's long lasting. I have a few shades of brown and a white shadow for highlighting. While I don't use these every day, they are great for special occasions or when I just feel fancy and girly. Shades shown are White Wedding, Cocoa Puff, and Bronzed. Buy it here.

3. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

For me, a little goes a long way as my features are not dark. I gravitate toward browns instead of blacks. I had never used liquid eyeliner before this and just used a pencil, and I immediately fell in love once I used this. It's easy to apply and is very long lasting (and waterproof!). It's easy to get close to my lash line and looks great on top of that. Color shown is chocolate brown. Buy it here.

4. BareMinerals bareSkin Foundation

This foundation is great. I have pretty blotchy reddish skin, so I typically need at least something. It has great coverage and stays all day, yet doesn't cover up my freckles. You apply it by putting a drop into the brush and brushing it all over your face. I typically do 1 drop per side of my face. That has given me sufficient coverage without looking or feeling like I'm wearing anything. Buy it here.


Items I didn't discuss in detail are the Maybelline powder and Covergirl mascara that I use, but I've used those brands for years and love them. I typically use waterproof make-up if I can so it won't rub during the day, and always take off my makeup with baby oil. It's gently and is the most effective makeup remover I've found yet. I show a photo below of me before and after all these products. What products are our favorites?

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