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My Favorite Products Part 2: Beauty

My Favorite Products Part 2: Beauty

I have recently started looking into different beauty options (I've been using the same stuff since high school) and thought I'd share a few new beauty products I've been using that I love. You can find my first post on my favorite make-up products here.

1. Clarisonic Mia 1

The difference between the Mia 1, 2, and 3 is different speeds (Mia 1 has 1 speed, Mia 2 has 2 speeds, etc) and different prices. You can probably figure out which is cheapest. I use this in the shower to wash my face, and ever since using it I've noticed a decrease in the blemishes on my face and how smooth my face feels. It's not rough and doesn't bother my skin. Plus it comes in many colors. Only downside is that you have to get brush refills. Buy it here.

2. Tend Skin

We all get shaving irritation, bumps and occasional ingrown hairs every once in a while, and this stuff has been great for that. You put it on right after you shave, or if you feel something coming. It comes in a roll-on form, or in a bottle so you can put it on cotton balls. For a long time I just used lotion after shaving, but in some delicate areas it can just clog your pores even more, leading to ingrown hairs. This is a great alternative. Buy it here, and the roll-on version here.

3. Pedi Perfect

I rarely get manicures and pedicures (I have to wear close-toed shoes to work, and I don't have the time), but I still want my feet to look good. Pedi Perfect is basically a motorized foot file so you don't have to do much work. It doesn't do as good of a job as going to a professional pedicurist in my opinion (probably because I spend 5 minutes on my feet and they spend an hour), but it is a great home alternative that I really like. Only downside again is that you have to buy refills for the file, and they aren't super cheap. You can find off-brand ones that work too, though. It's available in many stores, but you can also buy it here.

4. Aveeno Face Lotion

I've tried many face lotions (one actuallymade me break out in hives - yikes), but this has been by far the best. It's not oily, but still moisturizes your face. I don't break out from it, and it comes with SPF! I use the one with SPF in the mornings, and the one without at night (I think that one smells better). You can buy it at pretty much any drugstore or here.

5 Maui Vera

When we were in Hawaii, I got a pretty bad all-body burn (I put sunscreen on, but I guess not enough!). We were recommended this by a local as a aloe for sunburns (it was made in Hawaii). In addition to smelling great, it works like a charm. Within 2-3 days my sunburn was gone and I was pleasantly tan. My hope is that I don't have to use this too often, but if I do it sure does the trick. Buy it here.

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