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My Top 10 Fashion Rules

My Top 10 Fashion Rules

There are a lot of fashion "rules" out there that people come up with, and most (if not all) of these are duplicates of those. However, these ten are ones I actively try to live by and follow.

10. If you'd be embarrassed to run into your boss wearing it, don't wear it

This rule is biggest for those of us who have recently gone out into the real world - I graduated college 2 years ago. I've gotten rid of so many short shorts and skimpy dresses due to this rule. I'm a professional now and I better start dressing like one.

9. Trends are more of a suggestion than a rule

You see everyone rushing to get the latest trendy clothes (ponchos, turtlenecks, leather leggings, etc.), and sometimes you feel like you need to get those items too. Especially as a fashion blogger. But it's your money, and your style. If the trend doesn't work for you and you don't like it, then you don't have to follow it. It's going to be okay.

8. It's okay to keep something for sentimental reasons even if you don't wear it.

I keep t-shirts from old mission trips and a t-shirt from a swim meet I had that my dad bought me, and never wear them anymore. Mostly because they don't fit or they have holes or what-have-you. But sometimes it's okay to keep that stuff. You don't have to get rid of every piece of clothing you don't wear.

7. Try something new.

This may be an obvious rule, but I sometimes struggle with it. You gravitate toward things that you always wear (whether it be grey sweaters, skinny jeans, or fit and flare dresses). Next time you're out shopping, pick up that bright pink sweater, flare jeans, or bodycon dress. You might be surprised!

6. Do frequent closet cleanouts (or in proportion to how often you shop). And that, for me, is frequently.

Now this one I've been following more and more. I just did a big one last weekend and it felt so good! If you shop a lot, you need to do closet cleanouts more often to make room for your new clothes. I do a big one about every few months at the minimum and usually get a few bags full to donate or sell.

5. Quality over quantity (most of the time)

I struggle with this one the most, as I love to shop. And it's fine to get a trendy top for $15, but the older I'm getting the more I want to invest in a nice cashmere sweater or wool coat that may be more expensive, but will last me much, much longer than a sweater or coat that I can get from a cheap store.

4. Care for your clothes well.

Only recently have I decided I'm going to go to a dry cleaner to wash my expensive fabrics (it was the cheap college kid in me). I've ruined clothes before by not knowing how to clean them and it's pretty depressing when that happens. And I've learned when in doubt, hand wash and air dry.

3. Keep a wishlist

And stick to it! I made a wishlist before Black Friday and while I bought a few things that weren't on the list, I stuck to it pretty well. I have an Excel sheet that I track my spending on and keep links to clothes I'm loving at the moment. It helps me prioritize where my money goes and realize what I really want and need as opposed to my impulse says.

2. Wear what flatters your body

This goes back to rule #9. While that was more about not wearing things you don't like even if it's in style, this is all about not wearing things even if you DO like it if it doesn't flatter you. For me, I really love swing dresses, but every time I try one on I feel like I'm wearing a maternity shirt. I could make it work by wearing a belt, but I don't want to have clothes I have to "make work." I want clothes that flatter me and fit me perfectly every time.

1. If you love it, wear it.

At the end of the day, this is your wardrobe and your style and it's all an expression of you. You should be able to wear the things that make you happy regardless of everything else. That's what style and fashion is all about!

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Lilac Soles

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Windowpane Pants + Last Day for Giveaway!