How To Layer Face Masks

Only recently have I fallen in love with face masks. To be honest, I had never even given them a first or second thought before but now I will never go back! It's like a facial at home (and much, much cheaper). To get that post-facial glow at home, you usually need to layer your face masks, but there's an art to it. You shouldn't just grab any mask you feel like and put them on in any order. I like to do the 3 Mask Approach as outlined below.

Before you start, cleanse your face and use a toner to make sure the masks will be used to their full potential. You can use a mask-optimizing spray if you want to as well. I like to get a few washcloths handy to help with removing some of the masks.

Exfoliating Mask - You want to prep your skin for the deeper clean that comes in Step 2 by removing dead skin with an exfoliating mask. My favorite is Peter Thomas Roth's Pumpkin Enzyme Mask as I can really feel it working while it's on. Another one I love is Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Daily Peel

Pore-Refining Mask - Next step is to deep clean and detoxify your pores while refining your skin's texture. I love Sephora's Mud Mask as it is a great dupe for GlamGlow's Supermud mask. It's cheaper ($20 vs $69), a larger container (2.03 oz vs 1.2 oz), and works just as well, if not better. On other days I'll use Origins Skin Retexturizing Mask.

Hydrating Mask - You should finish with a hydrating mask to help replenish your skin with water after the above masks that could be drying. I additionally follow up with a moisturizer. I recently got a sample of Farmacy's Honey Potion and can't say enough good things about it! 

I would recommend using this approach once every week or so. If it seems excessive, every 2 weeks is fine as well. I will supplement this approach with other masks, such as the two masks above. Peter Thomas Roth's Therapeutic Sulfur Mask is great for helping with blemishes and acne. I will use it to spot treat when needed. I'm also a fan of Caolion's Original Pore Pack which helps to tighten pores. I've found it to be pretty strong and could use it as my "pore refining mask" but haven't done so yet. Unrelated, but I've found it helps to clear out sinuses as well haha. 

Have you guys tried doing an at-home facial like this before? What routines and masks do you use? I am always in the market for some great new products to try!

BeautyMaggie Zemanek