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Something New

When it comes to clothing and silhouettes, I generally know what looks good on me and I stick to it. Whether it be fit and flare dresses or skinny jeans, I definitely have a uniform.

Teal and Gold

Who else is already in need of a weekend? It's been a stressful and busy week (and month) at work, and I'm looking forward to a long vacation.


I've always been one to shy away from yellow because I never thought it looked good on my skin tone. Lately, though, I've really been embracing it.


 can't get enough of velvet. It's so soft and warm. When I saw this dress is was pretty much love at first sight.

Statement Coat

How gorgeous is this coat?? I snagged it up on Black Friday after stalking it for months and it finally went on sale. I'm so excited to wear it!