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The Forgotten Post

Why is this the forgotten post? Because as I was going through my memory cards, here I found a photo shoot that I did and apparently completely forgot about, because it was shot in June. Haha!

Studs and Florals

I loved the print of this dress the moment I saw it. I loved the boho vibe of the silhouette, but I didn't want to look too Little House on the Prairie, so I paired it with studded heels and gold accessories to give it some edge. 


I've mentioned before how I'm not really a lipstick person but have trying it more and more. I really wanted to show it off with this look.

Lilac Soles

I can already tell these shoes are going to be a great staple and last a long, long time. And lilac soles are almost as good as red soles, right?

Statement Coat

How gorgeous is this coat?? I snagged it up on Black Friday after stalking it for months and it finally went on sale. I'm so excited to wear it!