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Soft and Warm

The second I touched this scarf, I knew I had to have it. You know that soft material on North Face jackets that makes you want to snuggle under it for days? It's like that. But in scarf form. I know, right??!

Olive Shorts

These shorts are basically all I plan on living in this coming summer. I've been on the hunt for olive green shorts and for this price (right now they're less than $18!), it can't be beat!

New Shoes

This may be my favorite shoot location yet - just look at the vibrant colors of this wall! The black and white of my outfit just makes the wall pop even more.

Keep it Simple

I have never been one to feel like swing dresses flatter me until I found this one. I always thought they looked better on tall, skinny girls (both of which I am not), but when I found this one (and felt how soft it is) I couldn't resist.

Olive You

Olive is one of my favorite colors to dress in. It's flattering on every skin color and hair color, it's close to a neutral but not quite, and it goes with almost everything.