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I've always been one to shy away from yellow because I never thought it looked good on my skin tone. Lately, though, I've really been embracing it.

Classic Clarks

These Clarks have been with me through a lot. I got them in my early college years and have walked through countless winters across campus in them, in addition to so much more. And they're still going!

Flip Flopped

When I put this outfit together I didn't even realize that it was a little flip-flopped, where my jeans button up and my shirt zips up. I thought it was a fun combination though!

Doubling Up

Okay, I actually surprised myself with how much I love this look. The colors go together so well and the silhouettes aren't bulky or unflattering.

Game Day Attire

It's officially well into college football season, and so that means it's getting colder for tailgating and games (or just showing your support around town... or at home, which is what I do)