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Wear a Sweatshirt to Work?

For me, my work is very casual when it comes to what I can wear. I can wear slip-ons, jeans, and a t-shirt if I want (on the days I don't feel like trying, that is the case). I love sweatshirts particularly because they are warm, and I typically think that "room-temperature" is too cold for me. I wanted to elevate my style on the days I wear a sweatshirt though, so I came up with this. I wore heels, chinos, and a necklace and it instantly fancified the outfit, and I'm still warm! What do you guys think? Would you (could you) wear a sweatshirt like this to work?

Sweatshirt / Gap (similar here)

Pants / J Crew (new version here, Factory version here)

Shoes / French Connection

Necklace / Madewell (similar here and here)

Purse / Kate Spade (similar here)

The Lace-Up Dress

The Striped Wall