Wednesday Wish List: Coats!

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I am so so thankful that I live in a place that has cold temperatures. I really don't do well with the heat and sun (um, hello sunburn), and it could be due to the fact that I grew up in Michigan, but I just love changing seasons. The best part about this time of year? Breaking out the coats! I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to coat shopping, but I say it's okay because I wear them like 50% of the year.

You need lots of varieties for different looks (one for formal looks, one weather resistant, one nice wool coat, a few trenches, and on and on...) so I rounded up some of my favorites for you! I have been keeping my eye on this splurge-worthy option to see if it'll go on sale (and I mean super sale), but this striped coat I might have to get soon! What are you favorites?