Working What Works For You

I want to write today about trying to stay on-trend, when that trend doesn't really work for you. For example, I don't look good in turtlenecks. I don't have a long, lean neck and I've never been comfortable in them. But I found that I can get that look by going the mock-neck route and it doesn't look (or feel) overwhelming. There are other trends that are just unrealistic for my lifestyle or I just don't really like. You can "modify" trends, however, and make them work. I've given a few examples below of ways to make a trend work for you.

Turtlenecks - As I mentioned above, an easy alternative to turtlenecks is the mock neck. It's basically a shorter turtleneck for those of us with shorter necks. It's a great way to get the look without having to get the real look.

Leather Leggings - When I tried leather leggings I just couldn't get over how weird I looked in them. Maybe my style isn't edgy enough but I never felt like it was for me. However, I still like the idea of leather in a wardrobe. You can go with a leather jacket or dress to get the rocker style.

Culottes - These always remind me of wearing gauchos in middle school and I could never get into them. If you're like me, stick with wide leg pants or go with a midi skirt that gives the illusion of culottes.

Poncho - I always feel like ponchos will fall off me, wear a oversized cardigan for that same effect or go with a blanket scarf wrapped around your shoulders. You get 2 styles for the price of 1!

Plunging Necklines - I've tried this so many times, but was never able to keep the items. The girls are just too big or too close together or something, because it seemed a little PG-13 rated. I wouldn't feel comfortable going out in that. The logical way to deal with it though, is to wear a cami or pretty bra underneath. Even a lacy sort-of see-through cami would be sexy, but not letting it all hang out. If it's winter, even wearing it under a turtleneck (ahem, mock neck) or sweater would look cool. 

Backless Dresses/Tops - If you are uncomfortable with having an open back and don't want to wear a backless bra (get the deets here), then this is basically the opposite of what you'd wear under a plunging neckline. Here, you want to wear a bra or cami with a cool back instead of a cool front so it will look seamless under a backless outfit.

Faux Fur - Faux fur coats have been a big trend lately. If you aren't one to want to wear all fur, you can wear a coat with a fur-trimmed hood or even have it on your boots or gloves. You can get some glamorous touches without going all out.

Or skip the trend altogether, there's nothing wrong with going with the classics. Some trends I've skipped out on are capes, culottes, and leather leggings. If you really do want to try it, but don't want to invest a lot, go for a cheaper option. Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc. all have on-trend items for a low price. I purchased OTK boots from Forever 21 for less than $50 because I liked the trend, but not enough to invest a lot into it. What trends have you guys skipped out on or "modified" to your liking?