Fall in Michigan

This weekend we were up in Michigan visiting home and seeing family. One thing that I underestimated about Michigan when I lived there is just how gorgeous it really is.

How To Layer Face Masks

To get that post-facial glow at home, you usually need to layer your face masks, but there's an art to it. You shouldn't just grab any mask you feel like and put them on in any order.

Fall Neutrals

I've always loved the colors of fall. They are more pleasing to the eye and seem to work better with my skintone as well, so I tend to gravitate toward them when I shop. 

Lazy Chic

I love to use the term "casual chic" frequently because it encompasses everything I love into one look, but I'm introducing a new one today: "lazy chic."

How To Wear: Your Summer Dresses in Fall

I love my dresses and love finding ways to incorporate them in my style every day of the year. Living in the Midwest, it's not necessarily easy to wear dresses in fall or winter and while I will suck it up to look cute, sometimes you need a little something more.

White After Labor Day

I honestly don't know how this rule about "no white after Labor Day" came about, because isn't it always after Labor Day? September 4th this year was still technically after Labor Day 2015.