Baby Z: Coming January 2019


Ahh!! I'm finally breaking the big news! Nate and I are expecting a baby this January :) We couldn't be more excited, and the timing couldn't be better. I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets (especially one this big!!) so waiting to announce it was terrible! I wanted to scream it to the world! The first trimester is almost over, and our first ultrasound is passed, so I couldn't wait any longer.

Like I mentioned, the timing is just great. I changed jobs last September, and the environment of my new job is much more laid-back and relaxed. I am able to work from home and my hours aren't as crazy, which has been great for the first trimester. It's been a bit rough so far for me - I jokingly tell my friends that so far I would not recommend pregnancy, but to ask again in 7 months!! Haha :) The first trimester is no joke!! I honestly can't fathom how some women manage to function so well. I was sick so much (I now know that morning sickness is not just in the morning :/) and would sleep at least 12 hours a day. My doctor had me on B6 and Unisom for the morning sickness, which helped a bit, but it would turn me into a zombie. It was an effort just to lift my arms! Now that I'm coming out of the first trimester, I am finally able to eat some real food, but the nausea still lingers. I am ready for this phase to (hopefully) pass. Bring it on, second trimester!!

As for getting here, we had been "trying-not-trying" for a while. I have been going to a doctor since last October for tests and making sure everything is okay for me, because it had been over a year since I went off birth control and still no luck. I have always had incredibly irregular periods (anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months apart!) which I think greatly contributed to our struggles. It doesn't help when you're ovulating maybe 4 times a year! Nate was starting to see a specialist as well, just to make sure, and we had gotten to the point where we were sure it wouldn't happen naturally. I had googled so much on IVF and fertility treatments! But sometimes life feels like surprising you in the best way.

They always say things come when you stop looking for them, and it couldn't have been more true in our case! About 2 weeks before we found out, we just told our families our struggles and that it might be a while. Perhaps taking off that extra pressure made it happen, but who knows!! I actually took the test when I was home by myself because I was so sure it would negative - it always has been, so why would this time be any different? Needless to say, I was shocked when it came back positive. I immediately called Nate to come home, totally freaking out, but I didn't want to tell him yet! I just kept saying to come home, nothing bad has happened, I'm okay, but just get home! He was completely shocked too, but we couldn't be more thrilled! He's going to be THE BEST dad, and I'm so excited to share this whole journey with him. :)

On top of all of this, our baby will be the first grandchild and niece/nephew on both sides, so this baby will be spoiled spoiled spoiled :) I've already got a little teeny baby bump, which just makes me look like I ate a huge lunch, but I'm totally embracing it. Dresses are definitely my friend lately! I can still fit into my pants, but the extra compression sure doesn't help this nausea. So floaty and roomy it is! This whole pregnancy doesn't even feel real sometimes. The first ultrasound helped - especially hearing the heartbeat - but we still have a ways to go! Once the bump really starts growing, I think that physical representation will help it truly settle in.

For any of you mamas out there, please leave your best tips below for first-time pregnancy and motherhood!! I need all the help and advice I can get! What was your worst/favorite part of pregnancy? Any tips for getting your dogs to acclimate to a baby? What things should I start doing now (daycare shopping? baby shower registry?)? Favorite affordable maternity clothing brands? Ahh so many questions! But even with all the unknown, I just can't wait for our lives to totally change in 2019 :)