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Travel à la Mode: Our First Iceland Trip

Travel à la Mode: Our First Iceland Trip

I've shared with you the Norway leg of our trip, and now onto Iceland! This was by far my favorite part. It's a stunning country with so much to do and see. I will definitely be back someday! Our first stop was in Ísafjörður on the Northwest side.

I loved all the little shops and locals here - it's definitely not crowded and everyone was so friendly. The best fish restaurant in Iceland is also here! My favorite souvenir from the trip I purchased in Ísafjörður, which you can see here!

After Ísafjörður we went off to Reykjavík, but honestly didn't spend much time in the city at all. We took a tour of the "Golden Circle" - Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Geysir Hot Springs. Iceland has some seriously gorgeous sights, and there's so much more I wish we could have seen! Þingvellir is a result of the continental drift - essentially a canyon between two tectonic plates. Kind of really cool!! That really clear water you see below is one of the best diving spots in Iceland (though we didn't dive).

Next stop on the tour was the Gullfoss waterfall. This thing was insanely massive and breathtaking! We were able to walk right up to it (you can see that below) and it's amazing watching that power. It also happened to be raining that day, so we didn't mind getting even more wet haha.

Last on the tour was the Geysir Hot Springs. One particular geysir would erupt about every 6-8 minutes, so it was cool to watch it repeatedly. We got a photo of it in action below! In addition to this tour, we did some hiking and of course had to go to the Blue Lagoon! 

Like I said, Iceland was just cool. It's definitely on my list of places to return to. I think next time it'd be cool to rent a car and just drive and camp around the island for a week to see everything. We weren't able to get to glaciers or volcanoes while we were there, but they're on my list! You can shop some of the items I wore on the trip below. 

Jacket / LAUREN Ralph Lauren

Boots / Sperry

Purse / Dooney and Bourke

Jeans / Paige

Swimsuit / Marysia Swim Top and Bottom

Studded Jeans

Studded Jeans

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems