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Recent Home Try-Ons and Spring Swim Reviews

Recent Home Try-Ons and Spring Swim Reviews

It's been a bit since I've done home try-ons, so I wanted to share some recent items I've ordered! I have been trying to buy more classic and versatile items lately, and especially high quality. I hope to have a robust and timeless wardrobe one day, and so I hope the items I've kept below stay true to that!

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Madewell Wrap Top Candied Orchids.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons The Stowe Elliot Circle Bag.jpg

Madewell Wrap Top in Candied Orchids (S) - This is the second time I've ordered a version of this top. I really, really wanted to love it, but I just don't. It feels too blousy and billowy on my frame, and I don't like how cropped it is. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it to work or without high-waisted bottoms. I have been trying to avoid buying items that aren't very versatile, and I don't see it being that way practically. It would sit in my closet for 2 years until I feel guilty enough to donate it.

+The Stowe Elliott Circle Bag - I have been really into the idea of circle bags for a while, as you can see here. It's a fun new shape to throw into a look. This one from The Stowe is a big thicker than other styles, and also doesn't have handles. That can be a good or bad thing, based on your tastes. I like how it also comes in other neutral colors like cognac and cream. I got the black as it was the one on sale, but I might have to get one of those other colors as well!

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Everlane Editor Slingback Flats.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Mother Insider Crop Step Fray Jeans.jpg

+Everlane Editor Slingback Flats (7) - I was initially hesitant about the flat toeline on these shoes, but I ended up thinking it works well. Yellow is so popular for spring, and has long been one of my favorite accessory colors. Slingbacks are popping up as a big trend as well, but these shoes still seem classic. They're a tad pricy for flats, but I know they'll be well worn this year. 

Mother The Insider Crop Step Fray Jeans (27) - If you saw this post last week, I talked about how I'm loving crop flare jeans lately. I ordered this pair during Shopbop's Sale of the Season, and was so excited to get them. However, the wash was more worn than it looked online, and also lighter. I prefer darker washes and I didn't love how the feathering is more dramatic in person. I could see myself getting another pair in a different wash, but definitely not for full price. 

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Likely Palmetto Dress.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Schutz Milady Ankle Strap Sandals.jpg

+Likely Palmetto Dress (6) - Isn't this just the sexiest dress?? I love the lace details around the edges and straps. Plus, you can't go wrong with black. The fit isn't perfect to my body, but that could be fixed by going to a tailor - taking in the waist and shortened the straps should help. Like most Likely dresses, I sized up from my normal 4 to a 6 and it fits around my "curvier" areas a bit better. 

Schutz Milady Ankle Strap Sandals (7) - I like the idea of these shoes, and they were incredibly comfortable (especially compared to plain ankle strap heels), but they don't really flatter my feet. I have narrow feet and ankles, and somehow these make it look like I don't have ankles?? I don't know, but I just don't like the look on me. But they're currently on sale and you can never go wrong with plain black strappy sandals!

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Amanda Uprichard Emery Dress.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Amanda Uprichard Amery Jumpsuit.jpg

+Amanda Uprichard Emery Dress (M) - I'm obsessed with this golden marigold color and the feminine frills - it would make a great option for weddings, church, or date night! This dress is also on Rent the Runway for as little as $30. Both this dress and the Amery Jumpsuit (below) I had to return and size up to a Medium (shown here), so note that Amanda Uprichard does run a little small.e

+Amanda Uprichard Amery Jumpsuit (M) - I swear I didn't get this just because of the similar name to the Emery Dress! I love the side slits and wide legs, but a fitted top and waist keep it classic and flattering. It's like a fit-and-flare dress in jumpsuit form! It's a tad too long for my frame, but that's an easy fix. Even bringing up the slits to keep the proportion would be a fix I could do with my own sewing machine.

+Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude Ankle Strap Sandals (6.5) - I had been searching for a great neutral, 2.5-3" chunky heel sandal to wear at work this spring and summer and this pair won my heart. They feel great when running around on my feet all day, and the nutmeg color will go with everything. To be honest the only reason I got these in a 6.5 and not a 7 is because they were on sale and that was the only size available. I would have gone the half size up if given the chance (and the same price), but 6.5 still works fine! 

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Outdoor Voices 7:8 Leggings.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Madewell Easy Crop Tee.jpg

Outdoor Voices 7/8 Leggings (S) - This is another item I really wanted to like. They've been running ads like crazy on my Facebook and I've seen them work with other bloggers, so I took a shot and ordered a pair of their leggings. I know their thing is their material, but I wasn't a big fan. It felt a little waxy to me and didn't have a good stretch. I prefer Zella leggings still, and they're half the price as OV, so I think these will go back for now.

+Madewell Easy Crop Tee (M) - Another item I sized up in, this is a shirt I have multiple colors of. I have a fuller review (and more pics) over on this post, but this a shirt you need in your closet. The perfect weight, thickness, length, and cut. I can't rave enough!

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Everlane Denim Jacket.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Madewell The Jean Jacket Pinter Wash.jpg

Everlane The Denim Jacket (M) - I may be a little dorky saying I ordered this jacket the day it was released, but I was so excited to try it! I sized up to try and go for a boyfriend vibe, but I didn't really like how wide the sleeves are. It makes it feel a little more 80's than I would like. I think it might look super cute in white though!

+Madewell The Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash (M) - I ordered this jacket along with Everlane's jacket to see while one I'd like best. Per other reviews, I sized up in this jacket to a medium and am glad that I did. It fits pretty perfectly, but feels already stretched and worn in the places denim would do that over time. The creases on the arm are not artificial color-creases than real ones, which I didn't love so much. But the fit is just so great I kept it anyway!

Let me say first off that I am not at all a swimsuit model and I know I'm not! But most of you aren't either, and I think it's important to show swimsuits on average body types and shapes. Swimsuits look so different on every single person. I don't love the idea of swimsuit photos of me are floating around for all to see, but at the same time, that's why I have a blog - for people to see clothes on real people. 

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Mara Hoffman Maven One Piece.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Kiini Soley High Waist Bottoms and Soley One Shoulder Bikini Top.jpg

Mara Hoffman Maven Swimsuit (M) - Guys, I really, really love this suit. But man is that cream really, really see-through. I've got nipple covers on underneath so you can't see anything in the photos, but just trust me. It shows it all. This one is going back, but I love that the suit comes in a few other options like gingham and lavender. I still like the style so I think it'll be a buy later in the season when it goes on sale. I might even size down to a small because I know the material will stretch in water and it is already a bit loose on me.

+Kiini Soley High-Rise Bottoms and One-Shoulder Top (M) - I haven't liked high-waisted swimsuits on my body until this one. The material is thicker like a scuba material, so this bottom helps shape and smooth and I like how it sits at my natural waist. Besides the fact that I'm paler than pale right now, I typically look good in red tones. This bikini comes in lots of different styles and colors to mix and match as well. I might get a different bottom and top in another color to mix and match with these!

Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Tavik Emme One Piece.jpg
Maggie a la Mode - Recent Home Try-Ons Free People Beach Riot Farrah One Piece.jpg

Tavik Emme One-Piece Swimsuit (M) - I had my eye on this swimsuit for a while, but again, it's another one that didn't work for me. It's way too low in the front to be appropriate for me, and there is zero sort of support. I thought the waist piece might work as support, but it was too loose on me to work that way. Due to the major lack of support, it's going back.

Free People Beach Riot Farrah One-Piece Swimsuit (L) - Phew, where do I start with this one. I sized up based on all the reviews (I normally go with a medium, but went with a large) and so when it arrived, the torso length was great, but it gaped everywhere else. And it is lowwww in the front. Plus, the color is more orangey than the golden color shown online. There are 15 colors, but the fit just did not work for me. If you are tall or really petite with a straighter silhouette, then this suit would probably work for you!

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