Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Try-Ons: Part 1

It's officially the public start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I'm sure you've been reading and seeing all about the sale, so I'm trying not to get too "spammy." When it came to posting, I thought about what I would like to see and what would be helpful to me. And it came back to real reviews. I have made wayyy too many online orders and have been in the store already, so I want to share with you guys what I got! The good, the bad, and the ugly. Read on to get the real version of what these items are like before you buy! Let me know below if there's anything specific you want me to try! (ha, that rhymed) ps. Don't miss Part 2 here!

Note: Items with a '+' in front are items that I have kept. If they don't have one, that means I returned it. 

 Maggie a la Mode - Theory Lexanda Bell Sleeve Peplum Blouse
 Maggie a la Mode - Vince Camuto Ankia Suede Pump, Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Pullover

Theory Lexanda Bell Sleeve Peplum Blouse (Small) - This top is gorgeous. No, this top is beyond gorgeous! It may be the prettiest thing I've purchased. Which makes me a little sad to find out it's tight in the shoulders/upper arms. I don't know if I want to size up to a Medium where it'll be a little bit longer and larger in places where it's fine now. Plus, it wrinkles so easily (as you can see above). It might be something I wait to re-buy when it goes on sale around the holidays.

+Vince Camuto Ankia Suede Pump (7) - Ooh these shoes. Let's talk for a minute about these shoes. I want them in every color of the rainbow. They are so gorgeous and so comfortable! I can see wearing them for so many occasions. Definitely recommend!!

+Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Pullover (Small) - I loved this top on me sooo much more than I did on the model. It drapes so beautifully and the stitching is really pretty. I even wore it the other day when it was 90 degrees outside because I love it that much. Yeah, I know.

 Maggie a la Mode - Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt
 Maggie a la Mode - Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt

Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt (Medium) - I sized up in this top as recommeded online, and I'm glad I did. It drapes beautifully and is such a soft and comfortable shirt. I wish it were just a tad bit shorter, but I could live with it. I think the tipping point for me, though, was that it's 100% rayon. To me that doesn't indicate high quality and I know it'll shrink after a few washes. Again, another buy I'll wait until further sale around the holidays.

 Maggie a la Mode - Kenneth Cole New York Double Face Coat
 Maggie a la Mode - Kenneth Cole New York Double Face Coat

+Kenneth Cole New York Double Face Coat - This could have been my favorite buy had it been lined! But, sadly, it is not. Regardless, it's a pretty good price and such a beautiful color. I was a little disappointed in the ribbed sleeves, but it looks better on that I thought it would. Definitely a keeper!

 Maggie a la Mode - 10-Inch High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans Black
 Maggie a la Mode - 10-Inch High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans Black

Madewell 10-Inch High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans (27) - I initially liked these jeans when I first put them on, but then wasn't a huge fan of how they looked. I didn't realize the side seams were with white stitches, and the hems were a little too "done" if that makes sense. 

 Maggie a la Mode - Chelsea28 Lace Yoke Top
 Maggie a la Mode - Current/Elliott The Rolled Sleeve Glitter Tee

Chelsea28 Lace Yoke Top (Small) - I really, really wanted to like this top. I really did! But I didn't like how the lace park was all the way sheer and the armholes were pretty big. Plus, it's an awkward mockneck length for me, so I decided it's not a keeper. :(

Current/Elliott The Rolled Sleeve Glitter Tee (Small) - This top was way smaller than I was hoping; I really wanted it baggier and less... glittery. I know it said "Glitter Tee" but I wasn't expecting it to be so glittery! It doesn't show much in pictures. So beware. If you get it, I would recommend sizing up. 

Happy shopping!