The Best Face Washes

Sometimes I forget how hard it is to find a good face wash until I try to find one! I have tried so many face washes throughout the years to find what works best for my skin and that makes my skin feel good.

Be Bold

I'm pretty sure this is one of my first yellow dresses, and it's definitely the first yellow sequin dress! It's under $50 as well - a great price to try it but without fully investing.

Yes, You Can Wear Cropped Bootcut Jeans

The trend of cropped jeans I just knew wouldn't look good on me. Until I found Madewell's updated denim - the love affair continues on. Their new denim has a few new variations - from short to tall to curvy to maternity. I snagged the short version of these cropped bootcut jeans and I am a little obsessed.

The Weekend's Best Sales + What I'm Buying

There are a lot of Friends & Family sales going on this weekend, and a lot of sale on sales as well! Retailers are bringing out the spring styles and trying to get rid of the winter styles, so it's a great time to grab some boots or a coat on super sale! On top of that, you can snag some new styles for the warmer weather at the Friends and Family sales going on.

Why I Am Over Faux-Authenticity, And You Should Be Too

Wow, it sure has been a while since I’ve posted here on the blog! And even on social media I have been more absent... This break was unplanned but honestly probably expected. Starting last year, Maggie à la Mode slowly morphed from a fun side hobby to do in my spare time, into a regimented job that took up all my time. It took me a while to uncover why - I love my blog and the opportunity to share what I love with the world, but my passion had simply slipped away.