Glossier Boy Brow (Blonde) Review

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Have you guys heard about the beauty brand Glossier? They're a relatively new beauty company with a pretty limited selection of items (and more coming out), but all of them are made with high-quality ingredients, are affordable (most items are less than $30), and the reviews are typically 4+ stars - I've been really wanting to try their lipstick, and I love their lip balm! Glossier's shining glory, though, is their Boy Brow. It's a best of Allure beauty item, and has a cult following.

I have been wanting to try it for long, but there were no reviews online for the blonde color. I wanted to know if it would be too dark for my skintone and brows - last thing you want is to look unnatural! And let's be real, the "blonde" model on the website doesn't actually have blonde brows. Real blonde eyebrows cannot be seen by the naked eye (haha kidding, kinda). I have been using this product for 6 months now, so I can confidently give you a full review! Read on to hear my thoughts.

Upon my first use I knew I would be hooked.


Boy Brow is basically mascara for your eyebrows: it comes in 4 colors (clear, brown, black, and blonde) and is a creamy wax formula that claims to thicken, fill-in, and groom brows into place (all for $16). Before I tried this, I had been using a brow powder which worked fine, but took more time in the morning than I preferred. I liked the idea of swiping on some gel and being able to run out the door.

Upon my first use I knew I would be hooked. I honestly don't know how it does it, because it looks just SO NATURAL, but my brows are filled in, colored, and are sitting pretty once I finish using Boy Brow (do you see them?? looks so goooood). But the absolute best part? I don't even have to attempt staying inside the lines! It may have to do with the fact that this isn't a darker shade, but I can brush outside the lines and it won't show up. It doesn't stick to what's not a hair, so all I have to do is get my monthly threading and use Boy Brow, and I have the perfect natural brows.  Another thing I love is how the color almost matches my hair color perfectly!

The little wand is really cute and perfect size for my brows, but sometimes grabs onto too much product so it looks like I have paint in my eyebrows. It's just something to be aware of and adjust as needed, similar to how you would with mascara wands. I think this did a great job of filling in patchy spots too. I have a bit of a scarce spot right at the start of my eyebrow, but you can hardly tell it's there when I'm wearing this! This product costs $16, and you get free shipping with $30 on Glossier's site, but you can usually find some 20% coupons floating around!

I'd give Boy Brow an overall rating of 8.5/10, with points deducted for sometimes putting on too much product. However, the ease of using this item and the effectiveness of grooming and filling-in make it a great product. The good outweigh the bad here, and with it you can be sure you'll get naturally filled brows! Have any of you used this? What are your thoughts?