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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil 4-Week Review

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil 4-Week Review

Maggie a la Mode - Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil 4 Week Review

Sunday Riley is a brand that I have heard of throughout the years, but haven't had a chance to really love yet. I prefer Drunk Elephant's Glycolic Night Serum over Sunday Riley's Good Genes Serum, and to be honest the prices are what prevented me from trying other products. I have no problem spending money on a product I know will work for my skin, but that upfront cost to try it out is what stops me most of the time. With a 20% off coupon, I finally snatched up the smaller size of the Luna Sleeping Oil to try.

I chose this product as I was looking for a retinol in my skincare routine, and the reviews are above 4/5 stars. It claims to be a solution for fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, redness, and pores, while boosting the look and feel of skin plumpness and youth. While it's hard to quantify (and photograph) these changes in skin, sometimes you just know when a product is attributed to a change. Read on to hear my honest review of the Luna Sleeping Oil.

Maggie a la Mode - Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

Day 2

The morning after the first use, I was actually pretty surprised at my results. I have combination oily skin, with my T-zone being the worst culprit. Most mornings I wake up with a semi-oily face that I use micellar water to clear before washing. I was pretty amazed when I woke up without an oily face! I didn't notice any change in my pores or fine lines, but after one night I wasn't expecting that. It does have a pretty strong blue tansy smell, but it's not a smell that I mind. It doesn't linger for more than about fifteen minutes, though. The serum comes out dark blue and turns clear when rubbed in, but I haven't had an issue with any residual "blue" on my skin (or anywhere else, for that matter). 

Day 14

Before writing this I stood in the bathroom with my face pressed against the mirror for about 20 minutes, and did the same the night before. I wanted to be absolutely sure of the results before sharing them. I have large pores on my nose (who doesn't) and I can confidently say I am seeing a reduction in their size with this oil. They seem smaller and not as deep! My face still isn't oily in the morning, as well! I don't really have wrinkles to compare before and after with, but I am hoping it works just as well on wrinkles as it does pores. I found that this absorbs pretty well, and after about 10-15 minutes it loses most of the surface oiliness.

Day 28

The final day! (for this review, that is) My skin today looks quite similar to how it did on Day 14. My pores look smaller in the mornings than they the previous night, and the oiliness of my skin has reduced. My skin still looks and feels cleaner in the mornings, with less pronounced pores. My pores probably aren't actually shrinking in size (because I don't think it's actually possible), but they are not as visible - it's great! It's hard to do a real assessment for my skin around fine lines and wrinkles, especially after only 4 weeks, but I will say that I entirely intend to keep using this product for that purpose. Retinol has proven results for wrinkles, and I am excited to see what the Luna Sleeping Oil can do. It worked well for my pores, skin balance, and wasn't too oily for my oily skin, so I will keep it in my arsenal.

I would recommend this product to almost anyone, as it has so many beneficial ingredients and diverse results. Still unsure? They have a mini version (only $20!) available if you want to try before you really buy! Have any of you used this product? What are your thoughts?

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